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diesel generator manufacturers reveal the secrets of the diesel generator industry


    Everyone knows to choose a big brand when purchasing a diesel generator set, but nowadays, the genuineness of the major brand generator sets on the market is dazzling. Only with a pair of flaming eyes can you get a real machine!
    一、Low-cost gimmick fake "machine" really "machine"
    Generally speaking, the price of the unit has a great relationship with the manufacturer. The price of the small domestic manufacturers is the cheapest because they face greater survival pressure and no brand effect. They can only make a fuss about the price.
    Some small manufacturers even deceive customers from a professional point of view, for example, they are also Shanghai Diesel engines. Professionals usually refer to Shanghai Diesel shares, but many engine manufacturers in Shanghai also own their own brands, confusing brands and cheating customers. The same is true of Weichai. Many engine manufacturers in Weifang regard themselves as Weichai, but only one is authentic.
    The generator will be equipped with some inferior copper wires, or copper-clad aluminum wire motors to complete the set. The unit accessories, sheet metal parts, and welded parts are basically made by themselves. The process is rough and the quality is poor, but Stanford is playing in the background. Such words as pretend to be a well-known brand and attract the attention of users with low price gimmicks. Although the hero doesn't ask for the source, do you dare to try a unit that sells dog meat with a sheep's head? A price for one cent is well interpreted here!

    二、Refill second-hand "machine"
    Some small manufacturers are counterfeit, but they dare not be brazen. The worst is that some manufacturers refurbished second-hand engines, deceive customers, and earn excessive profits.
    In addition, the refurbished diesel engine is equipped with a brand new generator and control cabinet, so that general non-professional users can't tell whether it is a new engine or an old one. In the control system, the circuit breakers, air switches, and relays used have short lifespans, insufficient protection performance, and electrical failures easily occur over time. Good manufacturers basically use Schneider or abb circuit breakers, but domestic brand electrical switches such as Delixi and Chint are good, but they also face serious problems such as counterfeit renovation.
    三、Avoid talking about small "machines" as big "machines"
    (1) The difference between KVA and KW
    Small unit manufacturers from workshops use KVA as KW to exaggerate power and sell it to customers. In fact, KVA is apparent power and KW is active power. The conversion between them is 1KVA=0.8KW. Imported units generally use KVA to indicate the power unit, while domestic electrical equipment is generally indicated by KW, so when calculating power, KVA should be converted into KW by 20%.
    (2) The difference between main power and standby power
    Regardless of the relationship between the main power and the backup power, only one "power" is said, and the backup power is sold to the customer as the main power. In fact, standby power = 1.1x main power. And, the standby power can only be used for 1 hour in 12 hours of continuous operation.
    (3) The difference between diesel engine power and genset power
    The small unit manufacturers from the workshop will configure the power of the diesel engine to be as large as the power of the generator set in order to reduce costs. In fact, the industry generally stipulates that the diesel engine power ≥ 110% of the generator set power because of mechanical losses. Even worse, some misreported the supermaly company of the diesel engine as kilowatts to the user, and used diesel engines with less than the power of the generator set to configure the unit, commonly known as: small horse-drawn cart, even the life of the unit is reduced, the maintenance is frequent, and the use fee is high. High.
    (4) Don't talk about diesel engines and generators, only talk about prices
    Not to mention the brand grade and control system configuration of diesel engines and generators, not to mention the after-sales service, just talk about the price and delivery time. Some also use non-power station dedicated oil engines, such as marine diesel engines and vehicle diesel engines for generator sets. The end product of the unit-the quality of electricity (voltage and frequency) cannot be guaranteed. Units that are too low in price generally have problems, commonly known as: only wrong purchases are not wrong.
    (5) Not to mention the situation of random accessories
    Not to mention the random accessories, such as with or without silencer, fuel tank, oil pipeline, what grade battery, how much capacity battery, how many batteries, etc. In fact, these accessories are very important and stated in the purchase contract.

    四、Choose an OEM manufacturer and enjoy branded units
    The diesel generator market is mixed, and informal family workshops are rampant. Therefore, the purchase of generator sets should go to a professional manufacturer for consultation, including product configuration and price, after-sales service projects, etc. The product quality is guaranteed. The generator OEM manufacturer must be selected, and the refurbished machine or the second mobile phone is refused.
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