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The difference between gas generator sets and diesel generator sets


With the continuous development of the generator set and technological innovation, the diesel generators that have been favored in the past have been favored by the choice of gas generator sets because of the high price of diesel. Gas generator sets are mainly divided into combined cycle gas turbines and gas internal combustion engines. What are the advantages of gas generator sets and diesel generator sets in the process of use, we have carried out a comprehensive summary:

First of all, the operating cost of gas generator sets is relatively low, and the current development of new energy sources shows a good trend. Transforming the waste into treasure and clean environmentally emissions have also become a factor that the customers consider when selecting generator sets. Secondly, the aerodynamic performance of the gas generator set is better, and the success rate is higher than the diesel generator set. According to the testfrom the cold start to the full load time, the gas generator set only takes 30 seconds, speed! Gas generator sets are suitable for efficient start-up in a variety of environments. In this case, the gas generator set has low noise and its vibration is very small, so that it can play a good noise reduction effect for the surrounding environment and completely defeat the diesel generator set. Last, the flammable gas of the gas generator set is relatively clean and cheap, such as biogas, gas, etc. can be used.

After comparison, it is not difficult to find that gas-fired generator sets have unparalleled advantages and are more favored by most users. It can perfectly solve the practical problems of high noise and high cost of diesel generator sets, and can lay a solid foundation for better promotion of utilization, and provide a guarantee for cost reduction.