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Supermaly | Helping the construction of the “Belt and Road” and opening up a new pattern of “going out”


Recently, Wang Huahua, deputy mayor of Weifang City, and other leaders visited the supermaly (Philippines) branch to guide the investigation and unveiled the public overseas warehouse of the supermaly . Mr. Yin Aijun, Chairman of Shandong supermaly generating Equipment Co., Ltd.  and the head of the Philippines Branch, received a warm reception and accompanied the investigation

The visiting leaders first visited the workplace environment of the supermaly (Philippines) branch, and learned in detail about the current status and cultural construction of the supermalyi branch, and affirmed the achievements of the company since its establishment.

Then the visiting leader and the company management team held a discussion in the conference room. Vice Mayor Wang first mentioned that the visit was a condition for the establishment of cross-border e-commerce overseas warehousing for the investigation of supermaly, and pointed out that it is hoped that the company will always adhere to the strategy of going global and seize the opportunity of Belt and Road construction and promote it in depth. International operation, participation in global competition, opening up a new pattern of comprehensive open cooperation, and making greater contributions to Weifang's promotion of the Belt and Road construction.

Mr. Wang, the Philippine branch, gave detailed reports to the deputy mayor of Wang and the visiting leaders on the company's overall business operations and warehousing and other key business areas and future development plans. After listening to the company's work report, Vice Mayor Wang affirmed the company's insistence on innovation, actively explored the strategic layout of the development of the new economic field and the stable and stable business philosophy, and cordially asked the enterprises about the difficulties encountered in the development and the expectations of the government, and focused on Emphasize that all government departments will implement policies and work hard to solve problems for enterprises and build a pragmatic service platform.

 Talking about the layout of the One Belt, One Road project this year, the relevant person in charge of the supermaly said that the company set up a cross-border e-commerce (Manila public overseas warehouse) overseas warehouse in the Philippines, focusing on three aspects, namely, steadily advancing internationally. While operating and participating in global competition, it provides convenient export services for local traditional export enterprises in Weifang, and the company will also carry out strategic cooperation with leading companies in the industry and cross-border to promote win-win development.

Mr. Yin Aijun, Chairman of Shandong supermaly Power Equipment Co., Ltd. expressed deep gratitude to the visiting leaders of Weifang Municipal Government for their guidance and work. He said that he will fully implement the One Belt and One Roaddevelopment strategy and practice going out in accordance with the requirements of the leadership. The concept is deeply integrated into the overall situation of the country's development, and the horsepower is striding to the world stage.

 Enterprises are not only the main body of foreign trade and trade cooperation, but also the ambassadors of China-Philippines friendship. They must adhere to mutual benefit and win-win results, carry forward entrepreneurial spirit, stress the righteousness, take the right path, consciously abide by the law and integrity management, and do a good job in the enterprise and start a horse racing enterprise. Brand, establish the corporate image of Weifang, actively promote and promote Weifang, and make more contributions to promoting friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and the Philippines.

The visit of the city government leaders to the supermaly (Philippines) branch office is an important window for supermaly to be guided by the government in the critical stage of development and innovation, which greatly inspired the enthusiasm of all supermaly employees. As a state-level high-tech enterprise, the company has responded positively to the national Belt and Road development strategy in recent years. While maintaining the advantages of the main generator set business, it has implemented innovation drive and made great progress in cross-border e-commerce. Under the care and support of leaders at all levels of the government, supermaly, like the spring breeze, will not be in high hopes, pioneering and enterprising, and strive to create industry benchmark enterprises.