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The service life of diesel generators ranges from 2 to 10 years. The key lies in these 6 points.


Why do you have the same generator set with a service life of only 2 years, while others can use it for more than 10 years? Pioneer in the generator set SUPERMALY summarizes these six points for everyone:




That is, running-in, which is the basis for extending the service life of diesel generators. Whether it is a new engine or an overhauled engine, it must be run-in according to regulations before it can be put into normal operation.



That is, oil enough, water enough, and air enough. If the oil supply of the generator set is insufficient or interrupted, the engine will be poorly lubricated, the body will be severely worn, and even the tile will burn out. Decrease, increase the wear and shorten the service life; if the air supply is not timely or interrupted, there will be problems such as difficulty in starting, poor combustion, reduced power, and abnormal engine operation.



That is, oil purification, water purification, gas purification, and body purification. If the diesel or engine oil is not pure, it will wear the precise coordination body, increase the coordination gap, cause oil leakage, drip oil, reduce the fuel supply pressure, and increase the gap, even Causes serious faults such as oil circuit blockage, shaft holding, and bush burning; if the air contains a large amount of dust, it will accelerate the wear of cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings; if the cooling water is not pure, the cooling system will be blocked by scale and block the engine The heat dissipation and lubrication conditions become worse, and the body is seriously worn; if the surface of the body is not clean, the surface will be corroded and the service life will be shortened.


4. tune

That is, the engine valve clearance, gas distribution phase, fuel supply advance angle, fuel injection pressure, and ignition timing should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is in good condition to save fuel and extend service life.


5. Inspection

That is, check the fastening part frequently. Because the diesel engine is affected by shocks and uneven loads during use, the bolts and nuts are easy to loosen. Check the adjustment bolts in all parts to avoid accidents that damage the body due to looseness.


6. use

That is, use the diesel generator correctly. Before use, the lubricating parts such as shafts and pads should be lubricated. After start-up, it should wait until the water temperature is above 40 before putting it into power generation. It is strictly forbidden to overload or work at low speed for a long time. Before stopping, unload the load and reduce the speed. When the water temperature drops to 50 ° C after parking in winter, drain the cooling water (except for engines that have been filled with antifreeze). The engine maintenance work should be done normally to keep the machine running in good condition. Observe and inspect frequently, find faults, and eliminate them in time.



Finally, the most important point is: Never run at overload or at very low loads. The most suitable load operation should be 80% of the generator set load operation.


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