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Diesel generator set fuel-saving methods, let you easily save 1 million


Diesel generator set fuel-saving methods, let you easily save 1 million


The use of diesel generator sets to burn diesel is undoubted, but as the price of oil continues to rise, the cost of using diesel generator sets continues to increase. In fact, if you pay more attention to details during use, you can achieve fuel-efficient diesel generator sets. The purpose, and listen to the editor for your detailed explanation.


1 purification of diesel


Diesel oil contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If it is not precipitated and purified, it will affect the work of the plunger and the fuel injection head, resulting in uneven oil supply and poor atomization of the oil, which will reduce the engine power and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the diesel oil for a period of time to allow the impurities to settle. When adding the oil, filter the funnel and filter. Then clean or replace the filter regularly to achieve purification purposes.


2 remove the carbon deposit of each part


During the combustion operation of the diesel generator set, the relevant components generate high temperature, so that the ash polymer adheres to the valve, the valve seat, the injector, the top of the piston, etc. If not removed in time, the fuel consumption will increase, which will affect the normal engine. Work, the general cleaning time is 4-6 months.


3 keep the water temperature


If the temperature of the cooling water of the diesel engine is too low, the combustion of the diesel oil will be incomplete, affecting the power consumption and wasting fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to use the insulation curtain properly, and pay attention to the non-mineral soft water, such as flowing river water, for the cooling water.


4 Do not overload work


Black smoke is emitted during mechanical overloading, which is fuel emissions that are not fully burned. As long as the machine often emits black smoke, it will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of components.


5 regular inspections, timely repairs


It is also very important to carry out relevant maintenance and maintenance of the diesel generator set regularly according to the maintenance manual. By checking the injection pressure, adjusting the valve clearance, checking the oil supply time, etc., all parts are always in good working condition, avoiding belt "Sick" operation is the key to achieving fuel economy in diesel generator sets.




Through the above fuel-saving tips, even if your diesel generator set is not a new machine, it can have a relatively stable operation and a satisfactory fuel consumption level. Regardless of the way you achieve fuel economy, you must always stick to it.


At present, the diesel generator set market is mixed, and there are many irregular small family workshops on the market. Therefore, the diesel generator sets are purchased to consult with professional manufacturers, including product configuration and price, and after-sales service projects. The product quality is guaranteed to choose the generator OEM manufacturer, refuse the refurbished machine or the second mobile phone.


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