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Generator Powered by Weichai Engine

    Weichai series diesel generator set is produced by Shandong Weichai Holding Group, a wholly owned subsidiary Weichai Heavy Machinery (Weifang) Power Equipment Co., Ltd.Weichai diesel generator sets use the weichai own-developped engine coupled with well-known brand alternator,unit manufacturing, www executed GB / T2820 standard. Weichai Group generator set is the largest production scale, the oldest and most advanced equipment, superior resources most integrated R & D and manufacturing base in China.Weichai generators are widely used in shipbuilding, defense, telecommunications, petroleum, medical, mining, field rescue, animal husbandry and backup power, etc.

    ★ warranty period:

    Genset warranty period: 12 months or 1500 hours,whichever occurs first.  If our product have quality problems,we will provide free repair or replacement parts for u (Consumable parts, used parts, man-made damage, lack of maintenance, that is not beyond the warranty )

    ★ Standard:

    International standard certification ISO9001: 2008, industry standards GB / T2820.1997

    ★ Environmental conditions

    under the following conditions, the generator be able to work reliably and output rated power: Altitude: ≤1500m, if altitude above 1500m, the generator output power will be reduce, please consider this when purchasing; Ambient temperature: 40 ℃; Relative Humidity: 85%.

    ★ unit structure

    Diesel generator consists of diesel engines, alternators, common chassis, and control panel. Engine and alternator are connected by flexible coupling, and mounted on the common base with shock absorber. The control panel mounted on the common base alternator end by the shock absorber. It enables monitoring of electrical parameters of the generator, diesel-parameter measurement, control, parameter adjustment and alarm protection.

    ★ Delivery documentation

    Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual, spare parts manual, diesel engine parts catalog, control panel manual, diesel generator operation and maintenance manual, , diesel generator certification, test report, alternator manual, etc. .

    ★ Contact us

      Company name:Shandong Supermaly Generating Equipment Co., Ltd   Add:No. 5153 Yingqian Street, Weifang city, Shandong province, China.

      Tel:86-536-2118176  Fax:86-536-2118175

    ★ Direct injection diesel engine;(Global warranty)

    ★ AC synchronous generator (single bearing, global services);

    ★ 40 ℃ -50 ℃ radiator, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety shield;

    ★ MCCB, standard control panel; (digital display control panel supports eight languages worldwide)

    ★ steel common base with shock absorber

    ★ air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, start motor, and self-charging alternator;

    ★ battery and connecting cables;

    ★ industrial 90dB muffler and standard connecting parts

    ★ wooden box package

    ★ Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual, spare parts manual, diesel engine parts catalog, control panel manual, diesel alternator operation and maintenance manual, diesel alternator certification, www report, alternator manual, etc. .

    ★ ATS and AMF

    ★with remote control panel

    ★ self-protection, auto-starting control panel

    ★ trailer type mobile power station 

    ★ silent type mobile power station 

    ★ Lub. Oil heater, diesel heater, water jacket heater

    ★ separate daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank

    ★ weather-proof type diesel generator (cabinet)

    ★ silent type diesel generator (cabinet)

    ★ battery charger


    Generator Powered by Weichai Engine Main Technical Specifications:

    50HZ,COSФ=0.8, 400/230V 3P 4W Diesel Engine Alternator Overall Size(mm) Gross Weight(kg)
    Genset Model Prime Power(kW/kVA) Standby Power(kW/kVA) Model Rated Power(kW) Model Rated Power(kW/kVA)
    SD160GF 160/200 176/220 WP10D200E200 182 UCI274H 160/200 2900x1000x1500 1300
    SD200GF 200/250 220/275 WP10D238E200 216 UCD274K 200/250 3200x1200x1600 1300
    SD250GF 250/312 275/343.75 WP12D317E200 288 HCI444ES 250/312 3200x1200x1600 1300
    SD300GF 300/375 330/412.5 WP12D317E200 317 HCI444FS 300/375 3200x1200x1600 1300                                                    


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