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Generator Powered by Jichai Engine

    Jichai diesel generator set is produced by Ministry of Oil Business Jinan Diesel Corp and is a widely used, excellent performance, high-speed high-power diesel generator sets.It has won the "national best silver", "the title of National Customer Satisfaction" and other.The generator set products constantly absorb modern internal combustion engine in the field of scientific and technological achievements of fruitful after years of research and development.It has the features of advanced technical and economic indicators,compact, easy to operate, easy maintenance, able to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions works.

    ★ warranty period:

    Genset warranty period: 12 months or 1500 hours,whichever occurs first.  If our product have quality problems,we will provide free repair or replacement parts for u (Consumable parts, used parts, man-made damage, lack of maintenance, that is not beyond the warranty )

    ★ Standard:

    International standard certification ISO9001: 2008, industry standards GB / T2820.1997

    ★ Environmental conditions

    under the following conditions, the generator be able to work reliably and output rated power: Altitude: ≤1500m, if altitude above 1500m, the generator output power will be reduce, please consider this when purchasing; Ambient temperature: 40 ℃; Relative Humidity: 85%.

    ★ unit structure

    Diesel generator consists of diesel engines, alternators, common chassis, and control panel. Engine and alternator are connected by flexible coupling, and mounted on the common base with shock absorber. The control panel mounted on the common base alternator end by the shock absorber. It enables monitoring of electrical parameters of the generator, diesel-parameter measurement, control, parameter adjustment and alarm protection.

    ★ Delivery documentation

    Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual, spare parts manual, diesel engine parts catalog, control panel manual, diesel generator operation and maintenance manual, , diesel generator certification, test report, alternator manual, etc. .

    ★ Contact us

      Company name:Shandong Supermaly Generating Equipment Co., Ltd   Add:No. 5153 Yingqian Street, Weifang city, Shandong province, China.

      Tel:86-536-2118176  Fax:86-536-2118175

    ★ Direct injection diesel engine;(Global warranty)

    ★ AC synchronous generator (single bearing, global services);

    ★ 40 ℃ -50 ℃ radiator, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety shield;

    ★ MCCB, standard control panel; (digital display control panel supports eight languages worldwide)

    ★ steel common base with shock absorber

    ★ air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, start motor, and self-charging alternator;

    ★ battery and connecting cables;

    ★ industrial 90dB muffler and standard connecting parts

    ★ wooden box package

    ★ Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual, spare parts manual, diesel engine parts catalog, control panel manual, diesel alternator operation and maintenance manual, diesel alternator certification, www report, alternator manual, etc. .

    ★ ATS and AMF

    ★with remote control panel

    ★ self-protection, auto-starting control panel

    ★ trailer type mobile power station 

    ★ silent type mobile power station 

    ★ Lub. Oil heater, diesel heater, water jacket heater

    ★ separate daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank

    ★ weather-proof type diesel generator (cabinet)

    ★ silent type diesel generator (cabinet)

    ★ battery charger

    Generator Powered by Jichai Engine Main Technical Specifications: 

    50HZ,COSФ=0.8, 400/230V 3P 4W Diesel Engine Alternator Overall Size(mm) Gross Weight(kg)
    Genset Model Prime Power(kW/kVA) Standby Power(kW/kVA) Model Rated Power(kW) Model Rated Power(kW/kVA)
    500GFK 500/625 550/687.5 G6190ZL 540 HCI544FS 500/625 4300x1600x2900 8000
    500GF 500/625 550/687.5 Z8V190D2 588 HCI544FS 500/625 5200x1750x2900 9500
    640GF 640/800 704/880 Z12V190BD2 882 LVI634C 640/800 5800x1750x2900 11000
    720GF 720/900 792/990 Z12V190BD2 882 LVI634D 728/910 5800x1750x2900 11000
    800GF 800/1000 880/1100 Z12V190BD 882 LVI634E 800/1000 5800x1750x2900 11000
    900GF 900/1125 990/1237.5 Z12V190BD7 992 LVI634F 904/1125 5800x1750x2900 12000
    1000GF 1000/1250 1100/1375 A12V190ZL 1200 LVI634G 1000/1250 5900x1900x2900 13000
    1200GF 1200/1500 1320/1650 B12V190PZL 1360 PI734C 1240/1550 5400X2000X2800 14000
    1500GF 1500/1875 1650/2062.5 H12V190ZL 1740 PI734E 1520/1900 5900x1900x2900 15000
    1600GF 1600/2000 1760/2200 H12V190PZL 1740 PI734F 1600/2000 7880x2800x3175 19000
    2000GF 2000/2500 2200/2750 H16V190ZL 2400 XN7K 2000/2500 8800x3500x4200 21500                                                    


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