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Deutz Gas Generator


    SUPERMALY hot sales products- Deutz gas generator

    As a Deutz authorized OEM factory, SUPERMALY is committed to the level of professional manufacturing and has focused on gas generator set manufacturing for 12 years. The German original Deutz, Weichai Deutz, Hechai Deutz engine and marathon, Stamford, Xingnuo, Wattek and other well-known brand generators are used. The Deutz generator set is technologically advanced, small size, low noise and other characteristics, trusted by the majority of users at home and abroad. Widely used in construction machinery, generator sets, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, railway locomotives and ships, as well as military vehicles, and used in a variety of professional supporting applications.


    Based on German technology, the Deutz gas machine combines compact structure, high power, high economy, environmental adaptability and high reliability, allowing users to experience many convincing moments. The advantages of the majority of users, the outstanding characteristics of Deutz gas machine: small size, light weight, high reliability and durability, low vibration, low noise, easy to use and maintain, is a successful example of Sino-German cooperation.


    Eight characteristics

    1. Well-crafted 8, 12 and 16 cylinder V-type engines

    2. Turbocharged and mixed gas two-stage cooling

    3. Single cylinder four valve technology

    4. The mid-mounted industrial spark plug is mounted on the reinforced cooling spark plug seat

    5. Microcomputer controlled high voltage ignition device

    6. One ignition coil per cylinder

    7. TEM electronic control system realizes automatic control and monitoring of generator set operation

    8. Control the low temperature of harmful substances by controlling the temperature of the combustion chamber


    Eight advantages

    1. Cost-effective investment cost and low operating cost combination

    2. Efficient use of primary energy to achieve low energy consumption

    3. Long maintenance period and convenient maintenance ensure further cost savings

    4. Extremely high energy conversion rate

    5. For low concentration methane gas, the two-stage cooling of the mixed gas ensures the maximum output of power.

    6. Through high standards, safe and reliable control and monitoring

    7. The most ideal combustion while maximizing the protection of the engine

    8. System adjustment, maintenance, control and monitoring functions are simple and easy


    1Internal combustion engine

    2 Pure copper brushless AC synchronous generator (single bearing, global warranty)

    3Suitable for environment 40 ° C -50 ° C radiator tank, belt drive cooling fan, fan safety shield

    4Power output is air switch, equip with control screen; (digital display control module,supports eight languages worldwide)

    5Generator use  steel common foundation (including: generator composite damping absorber)

    6Dry air filter, lube oil filter, starting motor, and self-charging generator

    7Starting battery and battery start connection cable

    8Industrial 90dB silencer and standard parts for connection

    9Molded case circuit breaker

    10Thickened plastic film packaging

    11Random data: diesel generator and original technical documents, generator sets specification, test reports etc.


    1  ATS automatic load conversion screen    

    2Control panel with "three remote" function unit

    3Self-protecting, self-starting unit control panel

    4 Mobile trailer type power station (cage trailer)

    5Oil and water jacket anti-condensation heater

    6Silent generator(cabinet)

    7Battery float charger



    Deutz Brand of Natural Gas Gensets Main Technical Specifications:

    Lube Oil 
    kw/kvA kw/kvA
    SP30GF-T 30/37.5 33/41 SPWP4D66E200 4.L 105x130 0.36 2 PI144J 1900×650×1400 800
    SP50GF-T 50/62.5 55/68.75 SPWP4D100E200 4.L 105x130 0.35 2 UCI224E 1900×650×1200 750
    SP75GF-T 75/94 82.5/103 SPWP6D132E200 6.L 105x130 0.34 2 UCI274C 2500×820×1400 1150
    SP200GF-T 200/250 220/275 SPBF6M1015GCP 6.L 132x145 0.34 2 UCI274K 2620*1150*1900 2100
    SP250GF-T 250/312.5 275/344 SPBF8M1015GCP 8.L 132x145 0.34 2 HCI444D 3100*1550*1950 2600
    SP300GF-T 300/375 330/412.5 SPBF8M1015GCP 8.L 132x145 0.34 2 HCI444FS 3100*1550*1950 2650

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