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Light Tower Generator

    Supermaly mobile light tower generator set choose the engine of kubota, yuchai and other famous brands ,which has the functions of quiet, moving and lighting, etc. The main advantage is :Omni-directional automatic lifting lighthouse.New high strength cast aluminum lamps;The  body is provided with lifting ring and the lower part is provided with forklift hole;Adjust the height of telescopic lamp-post by manual capstan;High frequency generator is equipped with no need to install rectifier, easy to maintain;The lighthouse rotates at an Angle of 330°;Surface spray treatment, waterproof and dustproof design.Mainly used in mobile lighting, such as railway, army, power, public security, government departments and other institutions of large construction work, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other work site for large area of high brightness lighting needs.


    Seven features of Supermaly mobile light tower generator:

    1. full automatic lifting the light tower  - lighting components are four lamps and lanterns focus fixed on the lamp panel, easy disassembly and up, down, left and right adjustment has achieved the large range of lighting, the Angle of pneumatic lifting lever use high strength aluminum alloy lift gas rod he is a special gas rod pump will rise has achieved large area lighting.

    2. New high-strength cast aluminum lamps;

    3. Lifting rings are arranged on the car body and forklift holes are arranged on the lower part; 

    4. Adjust the height of telescopic lamp-post by manual capstan;

    5. High frequency generator is configured with no need to install rectifier, which is easier to maintain;

    6. Rotating Angle of light tower: 330°;

    7. Plastic-sprayed surface, waterproof and dustproof design;


    1. Internal combustion engine;

    2. Pure copper brushless ac synchronous alternator (single bearing, global warranty);

    3. suitable for the environment of 40℃-50℃ radiator tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety cover;

    4. Air switch for power generation and output, standard control panel;(digital display control module supports eight languages worldwide)

    5. Common steel base for the unit (including: composite vibration damping rubber pad for the unit);

    6. Dry air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, starter motor and self-charging generator;

    7.start the battery and battery start connection cable;

    8. Industrial 90dB muffler and connection standard parts

    9. power station of mobile towing model (container trailer)

    10. silent unit (cabinet)

    11. Equipped with emergency stop button;

    12. Light with corresponding power;

    13. Equipped with auxiliary large-capacity fuel tank;

    14.The towing head of the trailer can be connected with ring or ball.

    15. Thickened plastic film packaging

    16. documents with generator: original technical documents of diesel engine and generator, generator set manual book, test report, etc.


     1.ATS automatic load conversion screen

    2.with "three remote" function unit control panel

    3.self-protection, self-starting unit control panel

    4. Oil, diesel and water jacket anti-condensation heater

    5. Rainproof unit (cabinet)

    6. Battery float charger

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