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Parallel Control System

    Parallel control system


    This system is used world famous brand controller, to achieve the generators in parallel/parallel with the grid, together with the main power, supply power to factories and users, bear load with main power, remote control and protection. Applications that require uninterrupted power supply places, particularly necessary when the mains power rationing. So that power supply is more economical, reliable and easy maintenance.

    With the function of automatic start generators, automatic synchronization, automatic distribute active power, automatic grant engine / splitting, standby, shutdown and display generator fault, protection and other features. Automatic parallel cabinet can increase data collection and communication capabilities according to users requirements.

    You can set the output of generators, after in parallel with main power, can supply power to load within a certain range, or fix output power to grid.

    When the external load reaches a certain power, the generator automatically start and supply power to grid, when the external load decreases certain power, the generator automatically sub-gate, generator stop automatically, the use of more energy-efficient.

    When the main power is anomalous and can not supply power, the generator will start automatically, automatic switch to provide power to the load, to ensure quality and reliability of electricity.

    Take a variety of protective measures on the generator, display and saved fault information in order to repair and maintenance. Another multi-channel programmable output control, such as: CHP and control valves, and other peripheral equipment.


    Comprehensive and reliable reverse power protection, overcurrent protection, genset failure protection, overload protection.

    Accurate data display system: electricity and main power of three-phase current, voltage, frequency, power, etc.

    To display the language in many countries.

    It enables wireless monitoring and operation of the genset via the Internet

    Operation is simple and easy to understand

    Versatility, can be applied to parallel and parallel to grid of different models, different capacity gensets

    Selected international or domestic famous brand circuit breaker and protection modules, advanced control technology, the protection function is perfect, safe and reliable

    Housing, electrical components according to the stringent requirements of the international advanced level in the design, manufacture, circuit layout is reasonable, beautiful appearance, simple operation.


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