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Automatic Control System

    Automatic Control System


    This system is used world famous brand controller, to achieve all the features of standard control system, also include: a regular automatic start/stop, automatic opening/closing, remote control, LCD display, Chinese and English transfer, main power www, automatic switch between main power and generating, to achieve special power and control requirement.


    Can accumulate, store, display output of generator

    You can use the communications interface or remote monitoring to modify, adjust and monitor the operating parameters of generator

    It enables wireless monitoring and operation of the generator via the Internet

    Can save 99 records, and can check all the records 

    Add converter automatic charger, maintains the battery fully charged state, without compromising battery life, ensure the reliability of the generator since the start of success


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Demand Power(KW)

  • 10KW
  • 20KW
  • 30KW
  • 50KW
  • 80KW
  • 100KW
  • 150KW
  • 200KW
  • 250KW
  • 300KW