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Standard Control System

    Standard Control System


      This control system use meter display and four protection controller, can control and protect the generator security, this control system can be used to a variety of generators, can shut down automatically and warning failure, can display the following operating parameters:

    Alternator output voltage

    Alternator frequency

    Engine speed

    Engine oil pressure

    Generator output power

    Generator running time

    Engine coolant temperature

    Battery voltage


    Controller module with a microprocessor core

    Meters display the operating parameters of generator, simple and intuitive

    Can set the protection parameter flexibly

    Multiple relay control output, users can customize

    Can choose a variety of types of oil pressure sensor and temperature sensor

    Generator will shut down when low oil temperature or high water temperature

    Generator will shut down when high speed or low speed

    Generator will alarm when the voltage of alternator is high or low

    Generator will alarm and shut down when appear other auxiliary malfunction

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